The word ‘apologize’, i learn the power and the importance of this word 7years back. Actually i want to relate this with respect to friendship.

I have a friend from school days and he was junior by one class in school to me. We got into some sort of fight, was kind of serious because that time it was not clear who’s fault that was, due to which we get into that fight.

After few weeks when the result came out that it was me some how who is responsible for that all issue. On the first i didn’t accept and being a one year senior to him i came up with ‘my ego’ that he is junior to me, he should forward his hand for being friend again, but that time in my useless and meaning less arrogance i forget that no matter whether he is junior or senior, if it was me or my fault, i should be the first one to take that step.

But there is one thing that keep bugging me i still do not get the answer what was that, then when i realize this that it was my mistake, it was already two months passed of that matter and we friends not talking even a single word with each other.

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