Everything will be better again!

Hello to all, just a moment of realisations, that the things will never be same again. 

Many of us are extremely blessed who survived the worst of COVID. My family and I are one of them. 

Today when I go outside and what I see is heart crunching.

With deep pain dwelling in my heart I’m sharing that, we all have lost ones who were once the part of our life; whether they are your neighbours whom we greet daily or even fight, a friend of yours, your relative or even the shopkeeper who we might not acknowledge as our part of life. But somehow we all have been bearing this huge loss in our life. I get to know of the small children who lost their parents, and these things though is painful but this hard time also making us realise one important thing that we all are a family. We all are bound by the love, or even the pity. 

And now its our responsibility to protect our family. We must come forward to join our hands to make lives better. It’s time to learn from those who have taken great initiative to help this family called humanity.

Don’t let anyone feel they are left behind or alone. Be there, they need us. Love them, it will not today, but soon fill the void they are left with today. 

The things will never be the same again but I know that our love & efforts will make it better for everyone.

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